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Mr and Mrs K.O and their three children

This family of five came into Canada to settle into a new community. Olundara foundation connected with them in 2014 and took them through our settlement process and programs. We helped them to find accommodation, jobs, and schools for their children. We facilitated the process they employed to secure social insurance numbers, language skills, and government benefits. We organized various community outreaches and events for them at different times from where they got connected to the Etobicoke community in Ontario. As of today, they have become Canadian citizens. Their three children are in higher institutions. The husband is working full time as a licensed auto trader. The wife is an established social worker. This family has now become a fully settled and integrated taxpayer to the Canadian economy.

Mrs A.O

This young lady came into Canada to settle into a new community. She came in from an Eastern European country where the official language was not English language. She connected to Olundara Foundation right from outside of Canada. We helped her to plan her journey, picked her up at the airport, guided her to secure accommodation, health card, and a social insurance number. We took her through series of seminars and workshops in various language and informal skill development programs. This lady is one of the most celebrated women of influence in Canada. She eventually became an awardee for several awards issues by government and non-governmental organizations in Canada. Today, she's a landlord of many properties, helping many people to secure accommodation, while advancing in her career coaching career.

Mr F.A

Mr F.A came into Canada from Nigeria. He came in to settle down in the Scarborough area of Ontario. We picked him up from the airport, secured an accommodation for him, guided, and mentored him to be integrated into many social networks of the Nigerian community in Ontario based on his preference when he completed our client assessment form. Today, MR. F.A is married and settled. He is now an established debt collector, working for one of the largest debt collecting firms in Ontario.

Mr J.J

Mr J.J immigrated into Canada from the UK. Olundara Foundation picked him up from the airport, got him an accommodation, guided, and mentored him on where and how to obtain his health card, social insurance number, and other government documents. We took him through various coaching and provided him with referrals to many career coaches in his preferred area of skills. Today, MR. J.J is married, settled, and is a branch manager with the Royal Bank of Canada, blazing the trail in his career.

Mr and Mrs H.I

Mr and Mrs H.I came into Canada with their three children. They came in from Nigeria in 2015. Olundara Foundation helped them right from Nigeria to connect to our services on our website. We provided assessments to them, and based on their preferences, we got them settled in Ontario. We gave them referrals and information about different programs in the community. We helped them to overcome cultural shocks and barriers in the areas of securing the right jobs in the right community. Today, this family is fully settled in Canada. Both couples are actually working with Bank of Montreal in downtown Toronto and have also purchased their own beautiful home.

Mr and Mrs O.C

This family came in from Nigeria to settle as a new immigrant. Olundara foundation picked them up at the airport, got them connected to accommodation providers, and actually provided references for them as requested by their accommodation providers. We helped their children identify the right schools. We got them referrals for various job boards and job agencies. We aligned their expectations with current services and benefits in Ontario. Today, their two children are at the University of Ottawa, studying engineering courses, while the parents are equally gainfully employed and settled in Cambridge, Ontario,