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Poverty Reduction in Societies

To reduce poverty in the society through the organization and implementation of timely feeding programs, food packages, donations of clothes, and other household materials

Community Engagement

To engage community representatives to identify and meet the needs of the vulnerable, single mothers, orphans, and violence prone children

Organization Cooperation

To promote international cooperation between charity based organizations and sponsors for the benefits of the less privileged

Embracing and Promoting Diversity

To embrace and promote diversity, equity, equality in the offering of scholarships, and various forms of socio-economic assistances to the less privileged

What We Do
To enable us meet our short and long term strategic objectives, this foundation has been involved in numerous local and international charitable projects in North America, Europe, and Africa.
The foundation has implemented and supported projects that are making lives easier for people, some of which include
  • The provision of specific education-based scholarships to less privilege families
  • The provision of foods and clothes to African-Canadian communities;
  • The provision of tailored guidance and counselling programs to vulnerable children; women and men of different socio-cultural origins; and
  • The donation and contribution of cash, resources, materials, time, products to support churches, homeless families and families living in shelters
The list is indeed endless as we continue to strive to become better in what we do. For us, loving people of all languages and from all races stands out as our core value system. We will continue to look out for opportunities to make our society and the world a much better place.
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