To positively influence and impact the lives of one million newcomers to Canada in the next twenty years

To offer timely, customer facing, results driven, and society impacting settlement newcomers in Canada.

Welcome to Olundara Foundation
Olundara Foundation is a registered non-profit brand in Canada, built on the core values of love and care for newcomers and the less privileged. The Foundation is a beacon of hope and support to diverse groups of newcomers to Canada.
Reduction of barriers to newcomers' settlement
Integrating newcomers to the Canadian culture
Helping newcomers to access social services
Training newcomers for community engagement
Olundara Foundation has for the past nine years engaged with hundreds of newcomers to Canada. The testimonies of changed lives and sweet experiences of settlement are exactly the same, some of which are listed below.
Mr and Mrs K.O and their three children

This family of five came into Canada to settle into a new community. Olundara foundation connected with them in 2014 and took them through our settlement process and programs. We helped them to find accommodation, jobs, and schools for their children. We facilitated the process they employed to secure social insurance numbers, language skills, and government benefits. We organized various community outreaches and events for them at different times from where they got connected to the Etobicoke community in Ontario. As of today, they have become Canadian citizens. Their three children are in higher institutions. The husband is working full time as a licensed auto trader. The wife is an established social worker. This family has now become a fully settled and integrated taxpayer to the Canadian economy.

Mrs A.O

This young lady came into Canada to settle into a new community. She came in from an Eastern European country where the official language was not English language. She connected to Olundara Foundation right from outside of Canada. We helped her to plan her journey, picked her up at the airport, guided her to secure accommodation, health card, and a social insurance number. We took her through series of seminars and workshops in various language and informal skill development programs. This lady is one of the most celebrated women of influence in Canada. She eventually became an awardee for several awards issues by government and non-governmental organizations in Canada. Today, she's a landlord of many properties, helping many people to secure accommodation, while advancing in her career coaching career.